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Nikki G is a trained professional with her own studio space, to facilitate the flexible delivery time to her clients.

With over 8 yrs in this industry Nikki G specializes in Commercials, Animation, Video Games, e-Learning, Explainer Videos, Narration, Network Promos, Radio Imaging, Documentaries, IVR and more… Her voice is charismatic, clear, smooth, and can take on many characters and tones / accents which includes - Caribbean, British and American.


**Note: All voice orders has a  2-3 day turnaround time, but for special rush orders we make exceptions. 

Studio Setting
Home Studio
Home Studio

List of Services Are As Follow:

  • Internet Radio Stations 

  • Podcasts

  • Commercial FM / AM 

  • Low Power Radio Stations

  • Part 15 Radio

  • College Stations

  • Webmasters

  • Affordable Radio Imaging 

  • Liners, Sweepers, IDs and Promos 

  • Commercial Production 

  • Voice Tracks

  • Podcast Intros and Drops 

  • DJ Drops 

  • Website Introductions

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

Your voice just commands attention, it's soothing to the ears and comforting - Jamboree Mas Band 

The demand for a female voice in this industry is high, and there are very few that can speak in a seductive voice, effortless and without forcing the feeling. You are a natural talent, persuasive and eloquent.. You can make anyone jump to the beat of a drum. - Star Blu  Promotions


My customers were so intrigued by NikkiG's voice that my sales went up the day we put the commercial on air. Best decision         ever made using her voice. - Trini Gyul Restaurant 

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