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Nikki G




Let me introduce myself, I am........Nikki G the voice over specialist with a twist. My portfolio consists of compilation of Commercials, Ads, Dj Drops, Audio Monologues and Videos gathered throughout the years in the industry.​

Below you find a list of the Digital Imaging work I have done over the years. I've worked with BoomStation, StarBlu ProductionsShaun3.0, 919Fm, Swag1 Radio, Maffie, DQ Productions, Ahtik Studios, Coffee Productions just to name a few.

I have extensive work experience in the following:

  • Internet Radio Stations 

  • Podcasts

  • Commercial FM / AM 

  • Low Power Radio Stations

  • Part 15 Radio

  • College Stations

  • Webmasters

  • Affordable Radio Imaging 

  • Liners, Sweepers, IDs and Promos 

  • Commercial Production 

  • Voice Tracks

  • Podcast Intros and Drops 

  • DJ Drops 

  • Website Introductions

Visit to listen  to a few of my samples, also and feel free to leave your comments & send Inquiries to

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